“WCPEC-9” in Daejeon, Korea

Photovoltaics in KOREA

Korea Photovoltaic Society(KPVS)

The Korea Photovoltaic Society(KPVS) is the leader in Korea’s R&D on photovoltaics, industry-academic research cooperation projects, and other initiatives. The KPVS has grown to a total membership of over 2,000. The KPVS and many Korean researchers have made a great contributions to the photovoltaic industry.

KPVS Constructive Participation in PVSEC

For the past several decades, photovoltaics has flourished in Korea, and more researchers are actively participating in the PVSEC and other international meetings. The KPVS has continually taken part in and presented papers to the PVSEC, but has yet to host the WCPEC

Photovoltaic R&D in Korea

About KRW 1.1 trillion has been invested in solar R&D over the past 31 years (1989-2019)

As the importance of R&D is emphasized along with the growth of the domestic and overseas PV industry and market, investment in PV R&D has increased at an average annual rate of 9.2% over the past five years.

- Global newly installed PV capacity (new, GW): (2017) 99 → (2018) 108 → (2019e)

- 120 newly installed PV capacity in Korea (new, GW) : (2017) 1.4 → (2018) 2.4 → (2019e) 3.1

In 2019, a total of KRW 73 billion was invested, and the share of the total energy R&D by the Ministry of Trade, Energy and Industry (MOTIE) is also continuing to expand.

Category (R&D) 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019
Energy 7,983 7,342 7,631 7,719 7,697
New Renewable Energy Photovoltaic 513(6.4) 558(7.6) 593(7.8) 672(8.7) 730(9.5)
Wind Power 343 365 325 457 603
Hydrogen Fuel Cell 334 381 374 328 301
Nuclear Energy 858 736 686 621 612
Solar PV R&D Support for the Last 5 Years(Unit : Million KRW)
Key Achievements
  • The world's highest mass production efficiency

    Achieved the world's highest mass production efficiency for major domestic cell and module manufacturers by providing support for crystalline silicon technology development (22% in cells, 20% in modules in 2019)

    * Development of high-efficiency solar module with reduced CTM (cell → module) loss: (Korea) 20% (China) 19-20%

  • Secured next-generation core technology

    Achieved the world’s highest efficiency Perovskite thin film solar cells, boasting 25.2% efficiency (laboratory standard, area of 0.1㎠)

    Secured core technology in the field of next-generation batteries

  • An array of accomplishments including pioneering new markets

    Laying the foundation for the world’s largest floating solar photovoltaic system through standardization and cost reduction (3.5 → 1.6 million won/kW) technology development (2015-2018)

    * Recorded over KRW 53 billion in international and domestic sales, including exports of floating solar photovoltaic systems to Japan and Taiwan

Korea’s Leading Solar Companies

Special strategies for the WCPEC-9, Daejeon Korea

The Korean Organizing Committee proposes the WCPEC-9 as the biggest festival of photovoltaics with special strategies that Daejeon and Korea will support. We will prepare various events, such as business exhibitions, technical tours, student networking programs and unique tour programs during the WCPEC-9. All the participants will remember the WCEC-9 as the best WCPEC history

Daejeon Metropolitan City, the Korean government and global companies in Korea are particularly keen to subsidize the Photovoltaic industries and institutes. Generous subventions will enable the WCPEC-9 to promote opportunities for greater collaborations and sharing ideas amongst parties involved.

Achieving synergy between WCPEC-9 and the Korea Photovoltaic Society(KPVS) will help all of them broaden the scope of photovoltaic knowledge. Korean Organizing Committee will hold Photovoltaic Conference, technical tours, PV industry Forum etc. with WCPEC-9 to extend relevant participant.

Participants of the WCPEC-9 will be able to enjoy a series of exciting social programs such as mix and mingle night, welcome reception, gala dinner, networking events for students and young professionals.