Discovering Korea

Unique Country,Republic of Korea

Korea is one of the most spirited and colorful countries in the world.

In the short time following its dramatic and impressive development, it has managed to maintain the delicate balance between preserving its impressive history and tradition whilst embracing all the conveniences and technology of the modern world.

Weather in Korea

Korea is geographically located in the mid-latitude temperate climatic zone, so it has distinctive four seasons of spring, summer, autumn, and winter. October to November, when WCPEC-9 is held, is the best season to visit Korea, where you can enjoy the beautiful autumn foliage, clear blue sky and crisp breeze. The weather is pleasantly cool with little rain with an average temperature of 14 °C and precipitation of 52.3 mm.

  • Spring
  • Summer
  • Autumn
  • Winter


Featured Activities

Seoul City’s walking tours offer insight into capitals heritage rich in culture and history.

The single-level bus that start in Gwanghwamun takes visitors to the bridges around Hangang River, N Seoul Tower, and other night attractions of Seoul. The tour takes about 1.5 hours and although its’s an abbreviated tour, it passes by some of the major night attractions of Seoul

Since 1996, the Royal Guard-Changing Ceremony at Deoksugung Palace has taken place three times a day where foreign tourists can take part by becoming a royal guard to feel and experience Korea tradition first hand.

Changdeok Palace, a designed World Heritage by UNESCO, is said be the most traditional and authentic od Seoul’s five palaces. It has been praised for its architectural sensitivity to its natural surroundings ans lauded as a representative masterpiece of East Asian Palace Architecture.

Hallyu : K-Culture & K-Contents in the world

The number of Hallyu fan club members in 109 countries excluding Korea has exceeded 100 million, and the popularity of K-Culture and K-Contents in the world is skyrocketing. Korean cultural contents are unparalleled in all areas of art, including movies, dramas, music, games, and webtoons. In particular, BTS, a globally popular K-pop group, was the first Asian musician to be nominated for a Grammy Award (two years in a row), and is spreading positive influence around the world, not only through musical activities, but also by delivering messages of peace at the United Nations and the White House. . In addition, the movie Parasite won four Oscars, including the first Asian screenplay award, and the squid game, which created a worldwide boom in 21 there is.

A Pleasant and Safe Environment with Easy Access

Korea is easily accessible from most major international cities. More so, delegates arriving at Incheon International Airport will enjoy the comfort and luxury of the World’s Best Airport.*

Korea is the ideal place to experience different attractions in a short span of time.