Welcome Message

Welcome Address from the General Chair of the WCPEC-9 Organizing Committee

Dear distinguished members of the PV community,

It is my great honor to express a warm welcome to WCPEC-9 Korea. It has been 34 years for Korea to host WCPEC for the first time since its inception.  WCPEC-9 will be held in Daejeon, Korea, from November 15 (Sun.) to 20 (Fri.), 2026.

For the successful hosting of WCPEC-9, the Organizing Committee would welcome you with various programs as a national event. Technical program sessions would be organized to discuss the roadmap for development of ultra-high efficiency tandem solar cells and the development direction of convergence PV systems in response to various environments. In order to increase and expand the role of solar energy as a key technology to realize carbon neutrality, we would present a direction for PV R&D and expansion of PV deployment in emerging countries and prepare various programs to support it.

WCPEC-9 would also provide unstinting support and academic programs to the student researchers from emerging countries. Outstanding researchers with the best achievements would be delighted Surprises at the site. The Organizing Committee would prepare the biggest festival of PV community as a world conference in accordance with the spirit of the “Olympics”.

Daejeon is the city located in the center of Korea. As is called “Korea's Silicon Valley”, it has 21 universities, 33 government-funded research institutes, more than 2,600 companies in the city, where more than 30,000 researchers are dedicated to R&D.  In particular, there is the Industrial Cooperative PV Research Center, a research institute specializing in solar power of Korea. Daejon is asserted as a perfect venue for WCPEC not only for its technical predominance, but also for its beautiful nature. Mt. Gyeryong national park used to be a popular honeymoon spot in the old days for autumn couples. The mountains and lakes have the most beautiful autumn leaves in Korea. There is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Gongju, the capital of Baekje Dynasty near Daejon. It contains historical sites that provide a glimpse into the ancient kingdom of Baekje, whose culture flourished for 700 years from 18 BC until its fall in AD 660.

Daejeon Convention Center, where the event will be held, is originally built for the Expo in 1993. There are trendy world-class shopping centers and hotels. The WCPEC-9 participants can enjoy a comfortable break along with the heated conferences.  For the last and the most, Daejeon is only an hour away by bullet train from Seoul, the capital city of Korea. Anyone who is interested in K-pop may visit Seoul and enjoy glocal K-culture.

All the Organizing Committee members are looking forward to joining you in Daejeon in November 2026.

General Chair of the WCPEC-9 Organizing Committee Chang Sik Son